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Who is Street Rods Unlimited?

Street Rods Unlimited was founded July, 1972. The founding members set forth these purposes for the club:
            1. Promote the sport of street rodding through active participation with pre-49 street rods and specialty cars.
            2. Provide mutual assistance to fellow street rodders.
            3. Promote automobile safety.
            4. In general, "To Have Fun With Cars".

During the mid-1980's, the club incorporated as Yesteryear Inc., dba/Street Rods Unlimited. Today, SRU is a family oriented group with members from all walks of life, living in San Bernardino, Riverside Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties. We also have associate members in Central California, Arizona, Washington, Nebraska, and Kentucky. We are a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation.

Over the years, Street Rods Unlimited has sponsored a variety of events in Southern California. The largest, and most popular, was the Yesteryear Drags and Rod Run started in 1975 at Irwindale Raceway in Irwindale, California. This event drew participants from all over the west coast to compete down the 1/4 mile drag strip. When Irwindale closed, the event was moved to the Orange County International Raceway (OCIR) in Tustin, California. This location drew a record number of cars to show and/or race as well as record crowds for the one-day event. Unfortunately OCIR also closed, and the event moved to LA County Raceway in Palmdale, California where it became a two-day event. The last Yesteryear Drags was held in 1988.

Street Rods Unlimited also hosted the annual "Washington's Birthday Swap Meet" at the White Ave. parking lot in the LA County Fairgrounds to raise the funds necessary to sponsor the Yesteryear Drags.

In 1982, a third event, a charity show and shine for United Cerebral Palsy, was added to the already hectic schedule. Two years later the club was approached by the International Guiding Eyes Foundation to benefit their organization instead. Finding IGE to be a very worthy organization, the club switched to this charity in 1985, and continued until 1992.

For various reasons, during the early 90's, membership in the club declined, and even the charity event was allowed to lapse. But member participation in, and support of, events sponsored by other clubs never did. Street Rods Unlimited members participate in a variety of local, out of town, and out of state events each year.

Presently the club has 18 active family members, and 8 associate members. Never wanting to be a club with large numbers, the club has a limited active membership of 25. Associate membership is unlimited. We have a business meeting every other month on a Saturday morning. Prospective members must be sponsored by an active member, and must attend one business meeting before being voted on by the membership.

Over the years, Street Rods Unlimited has seen many faces come and go. In 2012, Street Rods Unlimited celebrated it's 40th anniversary, making SRU one of the oldest surviving clubs in Southern California. We are looking forward to many more years to come...